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How to integrate print with digital campaigns in your business?

Integrating print with digital campaigns is a trend. You're probably asking yourself why? The answer is because business does not move only in one sphere, it is increasingly digital and physical.

While it's true that the digital world is here to stay, it's also true that people still need physical businesses. And they value physical communications. That's why businesses today are aiming for a hybrid advertising model.

We have prepared this blog post to share with you some ideas that will be useful for you to integrate print with digital campaigns and succeed.

3 Ideas for integrating print with digital campaigns

Integrating print with digital campaigns is proving very successful for thousands of businesses around the world. This is because it allows you to reinforce digital campaigns, but also to expand your audience and reach non-digital audiences.

More and more users are needing hybrid experiences. In this sense, we have prepared some ideas that can help you integrate print with digital campaigns.

integrate print with digital campaignsQR Codes

On another occasion we dedicated an entire blog post with different ideas to include QR codes in print advertising .

This fantastic idea is getting people talking, as they value the speed, simplicity and security that QR codes provide when accessing a wi-fi network, obtaining discounts, gift cards, prizes, making payments more easily or even verifying the authenticity of a purchase, such as concert tickets, for example.

Depending on the sector in which your business is circumscribed, you could take advantage of QR codes for these purposes:

  • Share menus
  • Messages
  • Promotions
  • Discounts
  • Gifts
  • Means of payment
  • And more



Have printed material related to the campaign at your point of sale. 

If you have decided to launch a campaign through digital channels, you could complement it by integrating related printed material at your point of sale. This way you can reach audiences that have not heard about the campaign through digital media.

But you can also reinforce the presence of your campaign in those who have already seen it digitally. This will strengthen the image of your business in front of the consumer. Because they will understand that you are very well positioned both digitally and in the physical world.



integrate print with digital campaignsDirecting consumer traffic from one medium to another

If your brand is stronger in the digital world and you want to start strengthening it in the physical world, the strategy of integrating print into digital campaigns can be very effective. Because it would allow you to move audiences from one channel to another. For example, you could digitally give away a coupon that can only be redeemed at points of sale.

Of course, this strategy will also work the other way around. You could drive audiences from your physical to digital outlets.


These three ideas can help you integrate print into two digital campaigns to leverage them and point to where business is going today toward blended models

At Printu we can help you with this integration of print into your digital campaigns, as we are print specialists.

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