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Gemini E-Line

Modular finishing machine for converting, band width 360 mm

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The GEMINI series

is configurable with: Flexographic printing and varnishing - Semi-rotary die-cutting (patented by CARTES) - Laser die-cutting and converting. Also available the system for protective lamination, cold foil application, ILC®, IML processing and others.


01 Incoming Material

Material input

Fully servo-assisted material control with ø76 mm pneumatic expansion shaft for reels up to ø800 mm or 200 Kg.
Automatic coil diameter control with end-of-material stop sensor, electronic guiding with ultrasonic sensor, splicing surface and tape dispenser.
Photocell to detect marks or color contrasts on pre-printed materials.

02 Varnishing Flexol

Varnishing Flexo
full depth and reserve

The flexo coating unit is available in 3 versions, all with UV curing system and TRESU closed ink cup:

Rotary for full bottoms only,
Rotary for both full and reserve bottoms,
through the change of different developments
Semi-rotary for full and reserve bottoms.
Fully servo-assisted material control with ø76 mm pneumatic expansion shaft for coils up to ø800 mm or 200 Kg.
Automatic control of the reel diameter with
sensor to stop at the end of the material, electronic web guide with ultrasonic sensor, splicing surface and tape dispenser.
Photocell to detect marks or color contrasts on pre-printed materials.

03 Laser die cutting

Laser die cutting

The LASER die-cutting unit is the only one on the market with a Semi-Sealed® source of unlimited duration that guarantees constant power and cutting quality over time, minimizing management and maintenance costs.
Thanks to the LASER power control system by Radio Frequency, the machine can achieve maximum performance, since it is possible to process in a single cycle: die-cutting of any type of shape, perforation, micro-perforation, engraving, cutting, half-cutting as well as progressive and regressive numbering, all digitally programmable to achieve, in real time, high value products.
In addition to the new cutting file management software, we have developed a reading system through pre-printed barcodes that allows to automate the workflow, making it possible to change dies automatically.
With the ILC® - Invisible Laser Cutting System, it is possible to die-cut labels with dark background colors, avoiding the characteristic "white edge", as well as the overflow of the adhesive outside the label, guaranteeing the smoothness of the application process.
Additionally, it makes it possible to process labels without backing, such as In-Mould Labels.

04 semi-rotary die cutting

Semi-rotary die

The fully servo-assisted, semi-rotary die cutting unit has been designed to make the operator's job easier, so that only a few seconds are needed to set up and adjust a die.
Its "unique" qualities are key to saving time and material waste.

Air Gap System (AGS)
This exclusive adjustment system ensures perfect positioning of the magnetic cylinder with respect to the contrast cylinder with millisecond precision, so that the incidence of the cut is controlled to prevent the backing from being marked.
The thickness values of the die and the backing of the self-adhesive material are entered, so that the software knows precisely what the position of both cylinders is and thus gives the operator a reference point to adjust them to perfection.

Image Distortion System (IDS)
This management software allows the automatic adaptation of the die development for cylinders of different developments, simply by typing it on the touch panel of the unit.
It also allows to restrict and increase the length of each die development up to 20% of the original dimension and up to a maximum of 5 labels simultaneously, without modifying the original distance between labels.


05 Material Outlet

Material output

Integrated rewinding with slitting and unwinding system.
Fully servo-assisted rewinding system with automatic tension control on all ø76mm pneumatic expansion shafts, enabled to rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise.
Standard longitudinal slitting with 10 oscillating blade type knives and optional slitting system with 5 units of scissor type knives. Computer for remote connection between the machine and CARTES, necessary for eventual diagnostics and updates.