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Bourg BB3102 EVA / PUR-C Binder Bourg BB3102 EVA / PUR-C

Autonomy and speed.

The Bourg BB3102 binder is a fully automated perfect binding system aimed at medium to short run production environments. The BB3102 combines the proven BB3002 binder (running at a constant maximum speed of 400 books per hour) with the new Bourg Book Loader (BBL), enabling you to create a wide variety of soft cover books in both traditional and digital printing processes with minimal operator intervention.
Not only does the BB3102 offer high production speed with up to 650 cycles per hour (400 books per hour), but (and this is its biggest advantage) the operator can leave the system unattended for 25 minutes without slowing down production to focus on other tasks. The machine operates at a constant maximum speed and automatically adapts to the thickness of each job. The BB3102 processes book thicknesses from 1 to 60 mm (0.04 to 2.36″) and book sizes from 195 x 100 mm (7.67 x 5.00″) to 385 x 320 mm (15.15 x 12.59″).