About us

About us

About RTA Digital, Inc.

We are a company with 24 years of rich history.

RTA Digital Inc. began operating in 1986 in order to satisfy the needs of clients in the Graphic Arts industry. From the beginning of the electronic publishing era (DTP) until now, we have been supporting the growth of our clients with the latest solutions the industry and technology has to offer.

Thanks to the unconditional support of our customers we’ve been growing year after year. We are now one of the market leaders in the commercialization of digital printers, wide-format printing machines and pre-press equipment.

Globalization has allowed us to reach new clients in different regions and we have expanded our business beyond our borders into countries in Central America and the Caribbean.

We invite you to browse our catalogue, where you will find a clear picture of who we are and also what we can do for you.