HP Scitex 17000 Corrugated Press

Take digital productivity to the next level
Achieve cost-effective, short- and medium-run production. Delivering unprecedented digital productivity, the HP Scitex 17000 allows you to meet demanding turnarounds with the quality you need. Plus, you can rely on end-to-end support from HP.

Deliver higher levels of productivity
Make easy work of high-volume digital post-print production with this highly productive digital press. Print up to 1,000 m2/hour. Easily accommodate warped media. Accomplish more with hands-free operation, automated feed, and zero setup.
• Take advantage of high-volume post print production—print up to 1,000 m 2/hour thanks to a robust duty cycle.
• Smooth operation on industrial-grade corrugated board—HP Scitex Corrugated Grip for warped media.
• Save time and labor with hands-free and stack-to-stack operation and automatic loading.
• Easily meet market turnaround demands with zero setup and efficient operation.
Cost-effective short- and medium-run production
Gain the flexibility of digital production with an economical printing solution. Short and medium runs are cost effective up to 800 B-0 sheets.
HP HDR230 Scitex Inks and HP Corrugated Grip help keep your costs low.
• You can profitably convert over two million m2/year.
• Improve conversion and your breakeven point on orders up to 800 B-0 sheets.
• HP HDR230 Scitex Inks are designed for economical corrugated printing on paperboard media.
• Print on a wide range of corrugated media, including heavy-duty double wall board, with HP Scitex Corrugated Grip.
See high-quality results at fast production speeds
Print corrugated materials at high speed and achieve the quality you need. HP Scitex High Dynamic Range (HDR) Technology, by design, enables both speed and quality. Easily control gloss application and color saturation while working with a broad color gamut.
• Benefit from proven, proprietary HP Scitex High Dynamic Range (HDR) Printing Technology: automatically use small ink drops for quality, large drops for speed.
• HP HDR230 Scitex Inks—high-value, low-odor prints for indoor corrugated applications like floor displays.
• Wide color gamut simulates standard offset colors.
• Accommodate changing client requirements with on-the-fly control of gloss levels and color saturation.
Confidently grow with your digital investment
Going digital has never been so easy. This press fits easily into your existing environment. Plus HP offers end-to-end solutions, including prepress and workflow support, a broad services package, and management tools that help optimize performance.
• Work with an ecosystem of HP and partner solutions—from prepress to finishing, management software and services.
• Integrates easily into existing environments with stack-to-stack operation and similar finishing processes.
• Rely on HP’s broad portfolio of training, support, and productivity services.
• Optimize press performance—HP Scitex Print Care and HP SmartStream Production Analyzer.
Enhance your productivity with HP Services
HP Services offers you the broadest portfolio of proven service programs to keep your business running productively. Our certified service teams are committed to meeting your end-to-end needs and driving your business productivity and sustainability for a profitable printing operation.
HP Scitex Corrugated Grip
Print on industrial-grade standard boards — and help save time and cost The HP Scitex Corrugated Grip overcomes the challenges of printing on warped corrugated boards. It easily handles boards with a warp of up to 40 millimeters, automatically flattening it and holding it down throughout the printing process. The loading table is covered by suction mat segments, positioned to ensure effective hold-down of boards with varied dimensions.
HP HDR230 Scitex Inks
New economies for high-end digital corrugated printing HP HDR230 Scitex Inks, designed together with the HP Scitex 17000 Corrugated Press, are optimized for economic printing on paper boards. The ideal fit for corrugated applications, these inks provide leading flexibility, rub resistance, and surface durability, and enable high throughput on a range of rigid substrates. Low-odor prints are tuned for indoor use.
HP Scitex High Dynamic Range (HDR) Printing Technology
Providing precision control over color and tone for clarity of image detail, and producing prints with
the highest dynamic range, HP Scitex HDR Printing Technology is ideal for corrugated displays and
high-impact graphics in packaging applications.