HP Scitex FB7600 Industrial Press

Grow with confidence
The HP Scitex FB7600 Industrial Press can help you achieve quick return on investment by expanding your digital printing opportunities. You can expand your business and increase profits by producing almost any application on a wide range of media.

Grow your business faster
Achieve quick ROI with more digital printing opportunities. Produce almost any application with up to 8 colors on a wide range of media, to expand your business. Workflow enhancements increase productivity and reduce effort.
Profit more from the first run
Print both short and long runs now and attract new customers. Fast printing speeds, optional automatic or multi-sheet loading, and high-quality results across a range of applications mean you can print more jobs with greater efficiency.
• See better image quality delivered at faster speeds, with improved ability to print text and fine details.
• Turn jobs around. Print up to 95 full sheets/hour (production speed), up to 55 full sheets/ hour (POP quality).
• Streamline your printing process with the optional multi-sheet loading table or the Hostert automatic loader.
Do more with digital
Attract more customers and print a wider variety of jobs. HP FB225 Scitex inks adhere to a wide range of flexible and rigid sheets. Higher productivity on plastics and corrugated media creates greater opportunities to expand your business.
• Up to 8 inks—varnish for visual effects; light black for neutral grays; orange for more Pantone® coverage.
• Achieve maximum throughput—and high margins—on plastics.
• Save time—HP FB225 Scitex inks provide cross-hatch level adhesion—no need forpretreatment.
• Enjoy simultaneous loading/unloading with the ¾-automated media handling system.
Maximize your uptime
Embrace a partner committed to your long-term success. This press—combined with HP programs, services, and quality care—is designed to maximize uptime and reliability and provide scalable, modular technologies that enable flexibility and growth.
• Confidently expand your digital capabilities, knowing that this press is a total HP technology offering.
• Get more from your investment with this scalable, modular press designed to grow with your business.
• Anticipate technical issues before they cause downtime. HP Scitex Print Care—a new level of service from HP.
• Two extra printhead beams and ink slots for white ink upgrade or light black, orange, and varnish inks.
Improve the environmental profile of your printing
Print with an improved environmental profile. Digital printing can help reduce waste. The inks are GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified
SM, color inks meet AgBB criteria—and with reduced odor —enable a great solution for indoor applications.
• See how digital on-demand technology can help reduce waste and the carbon footprint of your printing.
• Create new indoor opportunities—cured HP FB225 process color Scitex inks have reduced od or.
• Reassure with inks that are GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified SM, color inks meet AgBB criteria.
HP SmartStream Workflow on the HP Scitex FB7600 Industrial Press HP and partners provide solutions and production workflow tools that offer greater uptime and flexibility to help print service providers grow profits.

End-to-end Solutions
• The HP SmartStream Workflow Portfolio provides complete workflow solutions – from job creation to fulfillment – to efficiently drive more pages to press, and help print service providers preserve profitability on short-run, low-revenue jobs by minimizing preparation and finishing time.
• HP Scitex Print Care is the industry-leading set of tools and services that help you anticipate technical issues before they cause downtime and provide quick, accurate diagnosis and resolution. Experience fast, efficient HP service that helps you maximize uptime and reduce costs.